Below is some information on our DBT related programming:

Programs for Youth and Families

13-16 year olds and their families:

Broadleaf Health offers a 24 week “Multi-Family DBT Skills Group”. This unique format is an evidence based intervention for youth and their families. Teens and at least one parent attend the group and learn DBT skills (e.g., Mindfulness, Interpersonal Effectiveness) together during the group. This format allows the youth and other family members to improve their effectiveness and work collaboratively as a team in addressing difficulties related to emotion dysregulation, impulsivity, and interpersonal effectiveness which affect the entire family. Most youth participating in our Multi-Family Skills Group also participate in individual therapy to address their difficulties and make sure they are practicing the skills learned in group as they work toward specific goals. Parents are also typically encouraged to meet with staff occasionally to address issues related to family dynamics.

17-19 year olds

We offer programming specifically designed for this late adolescent age group out of a recognition that increasing independence in one’s late teens co-occurs with unique challenges such as: decreased involvement of family, possibly living independently, working, etc. 17-19 year olds are eligible to participate in an evidence based treatment including individual therapy and age specific DBT skills groups for youth. Family members do not join these late adolescents in this DBT adaptation.


Several clinicians at Broadleaf Health work with children. Challenges facing those children may include but not be limited to: anxiety, low mood, impulsivity, difficulties with anger, school refusal, trauma, and attachment issues.

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